These are the kinds of videos that I watch to take breaks from hours and hours of college essay writing. And by “take breaks” I actually mean “completely distract myself.” No worries though, the work will get done in the end. For those of you unlike me who don’t have to worry about college applications, please enjoy this fantastic musical performance to the fullest.

Music as a Language

When my friend first linked this video to me, I was excited because it was a TED Talk involving Victor Wooten, but then I was sad to see that it was only five minutes long. But the video captured me right from the start and I sat entranced, for what felt like hours. All musicians should watch this video at least once in their lifetime. Although, my friend recommends that you watch it twice: once for the message, and the second time for the music. 

Canadian Brass

Those of you who watched the Amazing Grace video I posted have already experienced the magnificent skills of these guys, but the Canadian Brass never fails to deliver. They have the most impressive and highly honed musicianship that I have ever seen. The tuba player even plays Flight of the Bumblebee. It’s ridiculous. Check it out.