What Friends Are For

I love having friends who are musicians.

After a great hibachi dinner with friends, I spent the better part of yesterday’s evening jamming to some great funk improv. A talented pianist, an energetic tubist, and myself had an absolute blast playing some Chameleon, House of the Rising Sun, and Never Forget from Halo 3, all with our own unique spins on it.
Daniel rocked the keys, Istvan held down the bass section with some trombone and tuba, and I dabbled in alto sax, piano, and guitar.

This is what friends are for. No doubt about it.

The Weather and Its Various Inspirations

The weather today was actually quite nice, and that’s a blessing that we don’t get here in our city. I immediately had the urge to go play Ultimate outside as I always do on days with nice weather, and I eventually did with a few friends.

The typical “nice” day may not be a inspirational thing for many of you, but for me (since I so rarely see it), it gives me quite a lot of music inspiration. And that’s not the only type of weather that does: rainy days, sitting by my window listening to the raindrops fall, is a great source of sad melodies.
Personally I think it’s quite difficult to capture the feeling of a natural element in music, but when done right, it can be quite beautiful.
Here are some pieces that I think embody nature very well.


Since this is my first post I think I’ll keep it short and simple. Actually, considering the time that I have every day to blog, most of my posts won’t be too lengthy.

Basically, here’s the scoop. I realized that it would be a good idea to record all the research, self-teaching, and composing that I do with music and at the same time share it with friends, teachers, etc. So I thought I should start blogging. I’ve tried blogs before quite a few times for various reasons, but I never was diligent enough to keep it up for long. Hopefully it’ll be different with this one, because music is something that encompasses every moment of my life, and I have much to say about it.

Another thing, I’ve done quite a lot of music related things prior to this point, which means sometimes I’ll be speaking about things that are from the past.

Back to homework for now.