WISE – Introduction

“For 40 years, WISE seniors of all ability levels have created individualized real-world experiences (WISE projects), exploring their passions outside the traditional classroom.”

This is the beginning of my WISE Journey. For the second semester of my Senior year of high school, I’ll be exploring my passion of composing in the form of an individualized project as a part of the WISE English program.

This WISE program is unique in that it allows students like me to design a semester long project to fit my habits, work style, and interests. Not many other high school classes offer this type of freedom. But with freedom comes responsibility, and it will be up to me and only me to keep myself on task for the duration of the semester if I am to see the completion of my project.

And the project is most certainly ambitious. I plan to compose a piece for our school string orchestra and conduct/rehearse it. There are many things that will be new and daunting for me, such as composing under a strict deadline. But in all honesty, I’m just really excited to take on a big project regarding something I love to do.