Joon Park holds a conducting baton.


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Joon Park is a composer based in London, United Kingdom, writing a variety of music for ensembles, chamber groups, and media. Joon currently serves as the Assistant Director of Music at East London Community Band, and holds a BMus in Music Composition from the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University (Chicago, IL).

A Korean-American native of Ithaca, NY, he holds strong ties to the storied wind band programs in Ithaca. Joon continued his passion for wind ensemble composition through his studies at Northwestern, but also garnered extensive experience in a wide variety of composition, music production, and conducting experiences. In addition to his compositions, Joon scored student & feature films, as well as recorded and produced student & Bienen ensembles.

Joon's music has been performed by the Long Ashton Orchestra, the Windy City Winds, the Northwestern University Contemporary Music Ensemble, the Phi Mu Alpha Iota Chapter Choir, and the Ithaca High School Choir, among others.

Joon divides his time between working as a Software Engineering Manager at Spotify, composing music, and conducting & performing with various community ensembles in the London area. He strives to work primarily with ensembles that focus on growth or education, such as community or school ensembles. When musical inspiration doesn't strike, Joon also writes short fiction and nonfiction.