Concert works

If you're looking for music to program, these selections should give you a good sense of the music that I write. You can find full recordings of many of my pieces in my full concert work catalog.

Hailing from the storied wind band program in Ithaca, I grew up immersed in the American band culture of the US. To this day, I gravitate most strongly towards wind ensemble compositions.

  • Landscapes: VI. The City of Lights
  • Landscapes: IV. Stargazing from Skyscrapers
  • The Search for the Higgs
  • Journey to Eagle Peak

During my composition studies at Northwestern University, I spent a significant amount of time writing for various student choral groups as well.

  • The Telling
  • High Flight

And whenever I can find the time, I enjoy putting together pieces for chamber ensembles and solo instruments as well.

  • Trio for Clarinet in B♭, Cello, and Piano
  • Strangers, Shadows, and Desert Wanderers
  • Dear Future

Film and Other Media

I also have scored for film & video, trailers, and other media such as music for podcast and electronic compositions. You can find my compositions for media on this page.

  • Shambles
  • The Red Raptor
  • Untitled Podcast Theme